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Ways to Help Your Teenage Girl Navigate Transitions

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Teenager Bras

Ways to Help Your Teenage Girl Navigate Transitions

Being a parent to a teenager isn’t a child’s play, and we don’t mean any pun here. One moment they are the apple of your eye, and the very next, they are throwing a hissy fit, acting like complete strangers. Blame it to the hormonal transitions, the onslaught of emotions and the inability to express them, changing peer-to-peer dynamics, etc.—deciphering what goes in a teenager’s mind can be extremely challenging to parents.

Life comes riddled with uncertainties and unforeseen challenges, but we power on with clarity, empathy, and a shift in perspective. That’s what parents need to convey to their young adults.

Here are some effective strategies to help your teens navigate transitions:

  • Acknowledge the Confusion

The onset of puberty is an overwhelming experience for teens. No thanks to the fluctuating hormones, teenagers can feel a spectrum of emotions spanning sadness, happiness, excitement, anxiety—all in the same breath.

The first crucial step is to assure your teenage girl that it’s okay to feel vulnerable about the changes happening and that you will be with her, no matter what. For example, you may have a daughter with developing bosoms, wondering if it’s time for her to start wearing a bra.

In that case, initiate the conversation—tell her how you felt about wearing a bra as a teenager. Keep the conversation casual and light-hearted so that she feels at ease sharing her thoughts with you.

  • Empathise with Her Feelings

Growing up, we all have felt acutely self-conscious about our bodies. Feeling comfortable in one’s skin isn’t a teenager’s strong suit. Insecurity, confusion, and the fear of being misunderstood prevent teens from bearing their hearts out, even to their friends.

Should your teenager want to speak to you about her changing body, hear her concerns without judgement. Assure her that the discussion will remain private and that she can always count on you for guidance and solutions, regardless of how embarrassing the queries may be.

  • Remind Her of Little Victories

Even minor setbacks can seem like the end of the world to your teenage girl. So, when you find your teen fretting over an unfamiliar life event, remind her of a past incident where she were afraid initially, but overcame her fear or got used to a new situation.

By reflecting with your teen on past challenges, you may help her rediscover the strength she possesses within her already.

  • Avoid Projecting Your Worries

As a parent, it’s natural to worry about your teen adjusting to her newly configured life. Of course, the last thing you want is for her to feel disoriented and nervous, but talking about your concerns every time she is about to do something new is deterring.

The best way is to wait for your teen to approach you about her worry rather than planting a doubt in her mind.

We know teenage transitions are trying. But it’s also a life-defining phase for your child, laying the foundation for her to become a well-rounded adult.

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