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Teenager Bras

Sports Bras – The Need Of Today’s Active Teens

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Teenager Bras

Sports Bras – The Need Of Today’s Active Teens

It’s an amazing experience to see your little girls turn into teenagers and young women. But while this journey may seem exciting, the change it brings in its wake is not easy to handle.

When your girl reaches high school or enters her teenage, her growing breasts need extra care and support. Quality bras designed for growing girls can give them much-needed comfort and confidence as they juggle their hyperactive lifestyle and hormones.

Know Why Sports Bra Is the Right Pick for your Active Teens

Is your darling daughter an active teenager who is loves to play sports?

Well, you can help her enjoy her sporty spirit to the maximum by buying her the right bra like pure cotton bra for teenager.

According to research conducted on school-going girls aged between 11 and 17, it was found that around half of the number avoided sports and exercise because of their breasts. Very few wore a sports bra to exercise and more than half had never worn a sports bra.

The estimates are clear indicators of apathy and ignorance which is not a welcoming trend. If teens avoid wearing a proper bra during exercising, running, jumping or other physical activities, their delicate breast muscles and tissue are at risk of damage. Not to forget, in the absence of supportive bras feeling of self-consciousness or embarrassment may creep in during activities, letting them completely forgo such healthy engagements.

Sports bras can be your growing girl’s best companion in their growing phase. These offer the support they need during their workout or other physical activities. How? Well, they are specially designed to support breast movements. They envelop the tender breasts to limit horizontal movement. Moreover, the wide straps distribute weight evenly and create no pressure points on the shoulders.

Key Benefits of Sports Bra

  • Offers proper coverage to sensitive and developing breasts.
  • Provides desired support to the tender breasts without creating unwanted pressure.
  • It curtails breast jiggling which automatically improves confidence and allows her to focus on the activity.

What to keep in mind?

Convinced of getting a sports bra for your girl? You can begin your search from a nearby lingerie store or browse through Teen Bras Online India. Either way, pay heed to the below list before you invest in any particular brand:

  • Buy her the right fit (consider both band and cup size). Go through the size chart and pick out the one that perfectly matches your girls’ size.
  • Look for soft and breathable materials like cotton to add to the comfort quotient.
  • You may consider removable padding if one breast is bigger than the other (a problem faced by some teenagers).
  • Make sure the cups don’t have any wrinkles or gaps. If the cup fabric is wrinkled, try a smaller size.
  • If you opt for a bra with adjustable straps, then adjust them to feel supportive but not uncomfortable. Plus, ensure the straps aren’t digging into the shoulders.
  • If your teenager has just started to wear a cup-sized bra opt for a wireless sports bra as the underwire may cause discomfort.

Once you find the best sports bra for your girl do not hesitate to get her more. This will help her have enough sets for rotational use between activities, practice sessions and washes. 

Try Teenager Bra Online India to find a premium quality bra for your doll. Designed in consultation with doctors, the range offered by the brand is an amalgam of simplicity and comfort. Primed especially to meet the needs of teenagers’ natural breast growth, the range can manage movement and motion with perfection without compromising comfort.

Invest in one and notice the difference yourself!

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