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Common Bra Myths

Common Bra Myths, Debunked.

As a lingerie brand specialising in cotton bras for teens, it never ceases to surprise us when we encounter misconceptions about them. While some of them are amusing, some are downright untrue, which, if not debunked, may lead to daily discomfort at best and breast cancer paranoia at worst.

At Teenager Bra, we decided it was time to address some of these common bra myths and debunk them once and for all. After all, for something that we wear every day of our life—there shouldn’t be any confusion but only clarity.

Bra Myth #1: You have one bra size across all the styles

Do you have the same shoe size for all your footwear? Definitely no. The same logic applies to bra sizes as well. It’s why we recommend measuring your bust size correctly before purchasing a teenager bra online so that you don’t end up with an ill-fitting one.

Bra Myth #2: You don’t have to wear a bra if you have small breasts

No matter what your size, you still need support. You need protection for your breasts, primarily if you work out. A bra is crucial as it supports your breasts’ weight, structure, and shape—so you need them even if you have a small bosom.

Bra Myth #3: You will have perkier breasts if you sleep with your bra on

There is no scientific study that proves this! Your breasts undergo a transformation as you age, become a mother, or breastfeed. All these reasons are natural causes, which means there’s nothing to feel conscious or icky about. All you need is a sturdy teenager bra that sits firmly and comfortably against your bust without pulling up or digging in.

Bra Myth #4: You get all the support from your bra straps

The only job of your bra strap is to hold your cups firmly in place. It’s the band that does all the heavy lifting. If you feel your straps are doing the majority of hard work, it’s time to look for a bra with a broader band.

Bra Myth #5: You get marks by wearing a tight bra

A bra works like any other piece of clothing. When you climb out of your body-hugging jeans at the end of the day, doesn’t it leave marks on your skin? It’s the same with wearing a bra. When you take it off after a long time, even a well-fitting bra will leave impressions on your skin.

With that said, if you experience severe back pain and irritating skin, it’s time to switch from your bra.

We hope these cleared the air about bras and that you will be more equipped to make an informed decision the next time you purchase bras for teens online.

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