Why Correct Cup Size

Importance Of Wearing A Correct Size Bra:

Over 80% women wear the wrong Bra size! Shocking but it true. We would never wear the wrong size cloths or even shoes; however, we never give more importance towards our bra size.

A correct size bra can help women feel confident, comfortable and help in reducing premature breast sagging. Tight and ill-fitting bras can cause scarring, leading to unwanted bra roll and various health problems.

A properly fitted bra helps in correcting posture, is gentle on the skin, does not dig into our breast tissue & keep our breast in good health.

Wearing the right size bra can help you fashion-wise as well as mentally. Our Undergarments decide the silhouette of our clothes, it helps in flattering the cloth against our bodies beautifully making us feel more confident in anything we wear, right ladies?

We will help you identify if or not you are wearing the right bra size:

Your Straps Just Does Not Stay Put:

Straps seem like a small part to think about when buying a bra but do you know that major support comes from the straps. So our straps need to be perfect for us neither too tight nor too loose. According to experts, there should be at least two finger gaps between your straps and shoulder so that it’s comfortable and does not put pressure on your shoulders.

Band Rises Up:

Your band rises up as soon as you move, this is one of the signs that your bra size is wrong. It also affects the fitting of your straps and the cups as well. For this, you need to move down a band size and move up a cup size

Cup Size:

The bra cups should be filled with breasts, there is no ridge or bulging over the sides or top. If you notice a gap between the cups and your breast, try going down a cup size. This ensures perfect fitting underclothes and gives you a smooth look.

Bra Isn’t Just Comfortable:

Everything seems ok but still, Bra is just not comfortable. You feel like taking it out as soon as you reach home. Then that particular bra, design or size is just not for you. Your bra should feel like a second skin to you, comfortable and boost your confidence. Try experimenting with a new style or opt for cotton bras.