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Unsure of Wearing Bra When Sleeping? Know What’s Right!

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Unsure of Wearing Bra When Sleeping? Know What’s Right!

Good sleep is certainly something to cherish and anything disrupting it must be kept at bay.

Wearing bras while sleeping is one of the debated topics that often garner contradictory views. While on one side there are Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe who claimed to always wearing a bra to bed, there are several others who promote braless nights.

None can deny the benefits of wearing good quality 100% Cotton Bras but when it comes to wearing them while sleeping, many experts suggest otherwise.

If you’re a woman looking for an answer to whether or not to wear a bra when going to bed, then this blog can be of help.

Reasons why to avoid wearing bras at night

  • Set yourself loose

Breasts are important parts of your body that too need some time for free, natural movements. What can be better than bedtime to allow your entire body including your breasts to heal and recover from the day’s stress? Wearing a bra to bed, especially tight and wired ones can interfere with your peaceful sleep. So, why go for the slightest of constrictions that can hinder your overall sleep quality!

  • Allow better blood circulation

Wearing any bra even the best cotton bras for hours when sleeping can feel constricting. The straps, the underwire pressed firmly against your skin can constrict the muscles of your chest wall and impede the flow of blood to the nerves in your arms and throughout the rest of your body. Poor circulation caused by constantly wearing bras can result in muscle cramps and discomfort.

  • Avoid skin issues

Tight and fitting bras act as compression garments whose straps and hooks can irritate your skin. When in sleep they constantly rub against your skin causing friction and unwanted pressure on the skin. Additionally, bras often trap moisture and dirt against breast skin that if not cleaned regularly can aggravate your skin issues.

Let’s confess it! Going completely braless can be awkward and uncomfortable. This becomes more pronounced in women with heavy breasts. In the absence of right bra support, the weight of hefty boobs can strain back and worsen posture. Despite all the pros of wearing a bra, ditching them at night when going to bed can be liberating.

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