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Nailing Down the Signs of Ill-fitting Bras!

The pleasure of wearing a perfect fitting bra is a privilege of a few!

Bewildered by the above statement? Well, this is because the majority of women are not aware of their correct bra size and hence ends up wearing ill-fitted bras throughout their life.

Merely being guided by size charts of different stores and brands is not enough. Noticing what your current bra is conveying to you is important. Is your under band loose or are your straps too tight? Are your cups failing to cover your breasts or your underwires hurting you?

These are some of the questions that you must not ignore. After all, bra is your intimate and everyday companion. Unfortunately, many women fail to recognize these indications and continue to struggle.

Taking cognizance of the issue we have rounded up some of the signs that will help you understand the underlying problem of ill-fitting bra and guide you to choose right teenager bras and women’s bras.

Understand What Your Bra Is Conveying!

  • When the under band rides up against your back and your breast droops in the front it looks clumsy. It happens when the band size is bigger. So, reduce the band size of your bra. Note, go down the cup size if your previous cup size was fine.
  • Spilling breasts from the top or around the armpits is a common problem with women and it’s quite embarrassing. To correct this you need to go for a bigger cup size. Infact, to avoid bulging boobs consider full-coverage bras.
  • At times women complain of underwire pressing in at the sides of the breasts and red marks on the breasts when the bra is taken off. Underwires are designed to support and cradle the breasts so it shouldn’t pinch anywhere. If it does, you need to go up a cup size. You can even opt for non-wired bras for extra comfort. Make your pick from reliable brands that offer wire-free bras for teenagers and women.
  • Are there empty spaces or creases in the cups? Well, this could be due to the asymmetrical breasts (caused due to differences in size and shape). For instance, if one breast is smaller than the other there can be space left in the cup. However, if you notice space in both cups then your cup size is too big. In a padded bra, it’s difficult to figure out that empty space so you must feel for empty space by pressing on the cups with your fingers.
  • If your straps are digging into your shoulders and exerting pressure, it’s time to fix it. Try adjusting the strap length and if the issue persists then reduce your band size. Remember majority of support to your bust is provided by the band and not the straps. So, if that’s loose, your shoulders will have to bear the extra burden. You can explore Womens Cotton Bras with wide-set straps or bras with cushioned strap linings for stress-free shoulders.
  • The center gore or underwire should sit comfortably against the body and not lift away from it. If you’re experiencing floating underwire or gore, then it may mean your cup size is too small or the bra you’re using is not right for your body shape.

Having said that, if you want a right-fitting bra that supports your breasts and gives you the confidence to carry yourself in any outfit, then choose the right brand. For best women’s bras online collection browse through the Teenager Bra store and experience the joy of wearing a super comfortable and perfectly fitting bra!

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