About Us

It is said that adolescence is the period of storm and strife. It is a period when any child enters the teenage and it goes on till adulthood. The physical changes in the girls make every teenage girl get conscious of her appearance. Due to the newly grown breasts, many a times she gets into the dilemma of choosing a perfect bra that would maintain her natural breast growth.

Teenager girls who have used our bra after getting information from their known circle including print media .They have not only satisfied rather they have enjoyed wearing teenager bra for its comfortable fitting and longevity and now they are recommending teenager bra to their known circle.

Since the breast is the new acquired property of the girl and she must be interested to show off her breast in that case she might prefer padded or good looking bra may or may not be comfortable as the teenager branded bra will. The tight bra and this tight bra may hamper her rib cage and in this process she may not get natural development of the breast.

With the expert advice from the pioneers in the medical field, the teenager bra has been conceived and thus designed for optimum comfort ensuring the natural growth of the breast. Today the teenage girl prefers the teenager branded bra and due to this comfortable fitting they become our regular and thus loyal customers.

Since 1985 we have started innovating & manufacturing bra after getting consultancy from lady doctors, dress designers , chemical and textile engineers with a mind to give you comfortable and accurate fitting with durability. Being a manufacturing & marketing company it is our responsibility to identify your requirement and accordingly we have created the bra design.

We are the pioneers to identify the consumer need and requirement and also having knowledge from western countries that they are making bras in different breast sizes and cup sizes too .So we started making teenager bra in 1985 in different cup sizes and this was communicated to the consumer through print media.

The company takes pride in offering 5 cup sizes of A-small, B-medium, C-large, D-extra large and DD- double XL in teenager bra category to ensure the natural growth of your daughter.

The company has recently launched its Rosa Bra especially designed for active working women. We understand that working women need more comfort level and thus the latest Rosa Bra is designed keeping the same in mind. Since the working women have other responsibilities of office work thus she needs bra for everyday use for comport and easy going.