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Bra Size Chart India: Find Your Right Size with Teenager Bra

Bra Size Chart India: Find Your Right Size with Teenager Bra

Bra Size Chart India: Find Your Right Size with Teenager Bra

Many women struggle to find the right bra size. A bra that fits well boosts your appearance and provides the necessary support, improving posture and comfort. Knowing what your body needs is very important, and having a bra size chart attuned to Indian women in your arsenal can help you in this often confusion-laden journey.

One cannot overemphasize the importance of wearing a correctly sized bra. It can change your daily experience from the pain and discomfort of wrongly fitting lingerie. Nonetheless, many women still go around with the wrong size. This is sometimes because of needing to be more educated or knowing what size is appropriate.

In this blog, we aim to demystify the process, making it easier to understand how to measure the perfect bra size using the Indian bra size calculator and practical tips on how to wear bras correctly.

Navigating the Bra Size Chart India for the Perfect Fit

The Bra Size Chart is your go-to resource for this. Remember, there are two measurements to focus on: The Band Size (Underbust) and the Cup Size (Overbust). You’ll need a measuring tape and a well-fitted, non-padded bra to get these right.

Measuring Your Band Size Accurately (Underbust)

Measure directly under your bust. Add 12.5 cm to this number to find your band size. Ensure this number is divisible by 5, adjusting slightly if necessary. For instance, if your measurement is 77 cm, add 12.5 cm to get 89.5 cm, and round it off to 90 cm for an even division by 5.

Determining the Correct Cup Size (Overbust)

To measure your cup size, wrap the tape across the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the tape is level and snug. Subtract your band size from this measurement to find your cup size. For example, if your band size is 80 cm and your overbust is 85 cm, the difference (5 cm) indicates a B cup. Refer to the chart below:

Difference between Under-bust and Brand size Cup Size
2.5 cm A
5 cm B
7.5 cm C
10 cm D
12.5 cm DD

Getting your Bra Elements Right

While the Indian bra size chart is a helpful tool, here are some key aspects that constitute a comfortable fit that you must know:

  • Underband: The Underband gives the most support in a bra. It should provide firm stability against your body without being too tight to feel painful and cause difficulties with breathing.
  • Sideband: A wider sideband becomes particularly important, especially in full-figured or plus-size bras, to avoid any side spillage and to keep a smooth shape of undergarments.
  • Center Gore: It is referred to as the bridge, and it should rest on your sternum. One common way to identify a poor bra fit is if the center gore is floating away from the breast bone, which suggests that the cups are smaller than needed.
  • Cups: The cups should completely enwrap your breast tissue without spilling over or wrinkling the cups. In many instances, wrinkling implies that the cup is too big, whilst overflow refers to the possibility of the cup being too small.
  • Underwire: It should go around the entire breast and fit snugly without crushing. The underwire must feel comfortable at its end and shouldn’t poke into the underarm area.
  • Straps: While the straps must support, the maximum must come from the band. The straps should not slide off the shoulder or rub the skin. Straps that can be adjusted will make the fit better.
  • Hook and Eye Closure: This should be comfortable and provide various fit alternatives as the bra strains over a period. Larger busts usually require more support through additional hooks for increased stability and even weight distribution.

Quick To-Dos & Don’ts  to Ensure the Perfect Fit

Here are a couple of pointers to help you make an informed decision:

  • Ensure Proper Band Size: The band should be comfortable and not ride up, staying parallel to the ground.
  • Cup Size Accuracy: Cups should fit smoothly without causing spillage or gaping.
  • Strap Adjustments: Ensure the straps are properly adjusted for comfort and support.

Understanding how to measure your bra size and following these guidelines can significantly improve your daily comfort and overall well-being.

In conclusion, the journey to finding your perfect bra size with the Bra Size Chart India is not just about measurements; it’s about comfort, confidence, and embracing your body. Every woman deserves a bra that fits perfectly, and with these tools and tips, that perfect fit is just a measurement away. To explore our range of bras, click here.

Happy Shopping!


  1. What are the right ways for a woman to find her bra size?
    To know your real bra size, first measure the under-bust for the band size and the fullest part of your breast for the cup size. Deduct the band size from the bust measurement to determine the cup size. Sizing should be accurate to ensure comfort and support.
  1. What are the effects of wearing an incorrect-fitting bra?
    The wrong bra size can result in physical pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and skin irritation. As such, it also influences how a person stands and the fitting of their clothes, which can contribute to problems related to self–esteem.
  1. How long can my bra last?
    A properly looked-after bra is usually good for about six months to a year. Lifespan depends on the wear frequency, how it is taken care of, and the quality of the bra. Rotating bras and hand washing may extend their life.
  1. What is the difference between cup size and bra size?
    Bra size is a combination of two measurements: the band size (the number) measured around the underbust and the cup size (the letter), which is the difference in inches between the band size and the bust measurement. Together, they determine the overall size and fit of the bra.
  1. What does ABCD mean in bra sizing?
    Bra sizes start with ABCD, each letter denoting a one-inch distinction between the bust and underbust measurements. For instance, ‘A’ denotes one-inch difference, ‘B’ stands for two inches, and so forth.
  1. What is the most common bra size in India?
    While there’s variation, a common bra size in India is around 34B. However, breast sizes and shapes differ, so personal measurement or professional fitting is recommended for accuracy.

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