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Tips to Consider When Shopping for your Daughter’s First – Teenager Bra!

Shopping for your Daughter’s First Teenager Bra!

Tips to Consider When Shopping for your Daughter’s First – Teenager Bra!

When your little toddler turns into an adolescent you’ll hardly realize. This is, of course besides the occasional changes that you’ll notice when shopping for their clothing and shoes.

However, once they hit puberty the changes are a lot more prominent and rapid especially, in girls their height shooting up, breast buds developing, changing hormones showing up as acne, and frequent mood swings to name a few. The surging hormones affecting the internal as well exterior bodily developments mark the phase of growth spurts.

The first major change that every girl goes through is the development of their breasts. Generally between the age of 11 to 13 girls start to develop their breast buds. It’s the time when mothers start seeking the right fitting cotton bras for girls, scanning through different stores claiming to offer the best bras for teenage girls.

The concern is quite genuine. Choosing the right quality and well-fitting bra is very important for your growing girl as it provides the required support, grip, and coverage to her tender breasts. Remember, compromising with a good quality bra not only hinders the look and feel factor but also results in physical discomforts, muscle tensions, and backaches.

How do you know it’s time to buy a bra for your teenager?

The physical signs that indicate it’s time to shop for your daughter’s first teenage bra include:

· Breast buds protruding or visible through their shirts/tops.
· Regular physical activities/exercises like jogging or running become awkward or uncomfortable due to breast movement.

Useful suggestions for choosing the right bra!

Cotton bras:

These are best for beginners. The skin-friendly fabric allows the gentle skin of your teenager to breathe through. It gives a natural feel to the skin and is highly recommended for girls with sensitive skin. It does not pinch or irritate the skin while offering desired support to the budding breasts.

Some reliable brands like Teenager bra offer the best cotton bras that are good-to-go options for starters. Whether your girl’s breasts have just started to show or they have grown fuller breasts, the brand has perfect fits for all types.

Wired free bras:

As your little girl steps into adolescence, you need to be more sensitive to her requirements and comforts. Wired free bras are ideal for growing girls as they are very comfortable to wear. With no hard piece of material attached below the cups, wireless bras feel super-cool from the first wear. Forgoing the wire support, these bras have cuts and stitches that support the breasts adequately. The soft cups of the bra help the breasts relax and facilitate the blood flow around the area that a wired bra may fail to offer.

Seamed bras:

Also known as cut and sewn bras, these are designed with seams running through the cups. Made from more than one piece of fabric and with seams around the fabric being sewn together, these bras provide full coverage and desired support to the breasts. They are available in different types of seams and each has a purpose. The horizontal seam provides a more projected and conical shape.

Non-padded bras:

The non-padded bra is a great alternative that makes the transition to bras easier. With no added pads attached to the cups, it serves as a perfect bra for growing girls that gives them a natural bust shape. Without exerting any pressure on the tender breast tissues, it successfully conceals the nipples and smoothens the silhouettes. Available in seamless and cut and sew versions, non-padded bras are best suited for everyday attire.

As the breasts of a young girl are in the development phase, the sizing will constantly change. Considering this aspect, it’s preferable to go for a supportive under-band that will give her comfort and confidence in her own skin. Also, bras with soft adjustable lycra straps are good choices that leave no marks on shoulders.

Are you overwhelmed with all the information? Well, let’s make this task easier for you Go for experts help for a confident decision. Backed with vast experience in the lingerie section, they have an immense idea about the best bras online shopping and hence they can help you make the right choice for your sweetie!

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