Only 80/85 or 90 cm Bra can seriously harm your figure but not if it is 80A, 80B, 80C, 80D and 80DD. Means, without cup size the bra size is not complete and how a wrong size will give you comfortable fitting?

Why correct Cup size is required along with bra size?

Size of bra depends only on the width of your breast line. But cup size depends on your bust line. Measurement of breast line and bust line, combination of both, makes authentic size, guarantee for comfort, your negligence on your cup sizes will hammer the natural growth of your breasts and will not be comfortable at all.

It means either lose and bad looking bra or extra tight bra which creates biting on your body. Only right cup size will give comfort & natural shape to your breast. When it is a matter of comfort in your every day life than it is very much necessary to choose a right cup size bra.

Why correct measurement in Cup & Bra size is utmost important?

Teenager’s Requirement

Since your breast is most sophisticated & soft part of your personality. It can add to attraction or distraction of your personality with a minor negligence on your part in choosing and accepting wrong cup size Bra.

For selecting accurate comfortable cup size bra. You are not suppose to spend a fortune.

Your conception of costly & stylish bra may or may not be comfortable due to your ignorance in measuring your accurate cup size. In short your comfort is totally depending on measurement knowledge of cup size not on costly, good looking and imported bra.

Working Women's Requirement

Either you are a student or working women you need comfortable from inside because you are suppose to put your energy in studying your academics to create your outstanding future and as a working women you have to concentrate on your selected or assigned projects so that your company may progress and consequently you will get better and more challenging jobs and your carrier to develop.

By selecting right cup size bra, your comfort will be projected on your face. You will get ample time to concentrate on your mission.